"Where Every Step is a Masterpiece."

Why Do People Choose Us?

Exceptional Craftsmanship

At ArtisanFloor Carpets, our carpets are a testament to the art of carpet making. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who bring generations of tradition and expertise to their work. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship ensures that every carpet is not just a floor covering but a work of art.

Sustainable Luxury

We believe in luxury that cares. Our carpets are made from the finest sustainable materials, ensuring that they are as kind to the environment as they are to your feet. By choosing ArtisanFloor, you are supporting a brand that prioritizes eco-friendly practices without compromising on luxury.

Customized Designs

Your space is unique, and your carpet should be too. ArtisanFloor offers bespoke carpet design services, allowing you to customize every aspect of your carpet, from the materials and colors to the size and pattern. With us, you can create a piece that perfectly fits your space and style.

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About Company

Founded on a passion for traditional carpet making and a vision for sustainable luxury, ArtisanFloor Carpets has been transforming homes and businesses with our exquisite handcrafted carpets for over two decades. From our humble beginnings as a small artisan workshop to becoming a revered name in the industry, our mission has remained the same: to create beautiful, durable carpets that tell a story and last a lifetime. Based in the heart of the carpet weaving world, we combine ancient techniques with modern design trends to produce pieces that are both timeless and contemporary.

Our Products

Hand-Knotted Wool Rugs

Experience timeless elegance with our hand-knotted wool rugs, available in a variety of patterns and colors. Each rug is a labor of love, taking artisans weeks to complete, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability.

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Luxurious Silk Carpets

For the ultimate in luxury, our silk carpets are second to none. Made from the finest silk, these carpets feature intricate designs and a luminous sheen that can transform any room into a lavish space.

Customized Outdoor Rugs

Durable and stylish, our customized outdoor rugs are designed to withstand the elements while adding beauty to your outdoor living spaces. Choose from a range of materials, colors, and designs to match your outdoor décor.

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Our Satisfied Customers

Trystan Wilkins

"I purchased a hand-knotted wool rug for my living room, and it's absolutely stunning. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and it's clear that a lot of care went into making it. It's truly a centerpiece of our home."

Lucca Mason

"We opted for a customized outdoor rug from ArtisanFloor, and the process was seamless. They helped us choose the perfect design and materials, and the finished product is exactly what we wanted. It's durable yet beautiful!"

Finley Francis

"The silk carpet I bought from ArtisanFloor has transformed my bedroom. The quality is exceptional, and the design is exquisite. It feels like I'm walking on clouds every day. Highly recommend their products!"



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